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General Dentistry


General dentistry helps you maintain good oral health and hygiene. A good dentist will also work to prevent and treat conditions of the mouth before they lead to unpleasant circumstances. Regular check-ups and dental cleaning are the two most important things that can be done to prevent disease and tooth loss.

Comprehensive Exam

Regular check-ups are the most important treatment and the most effective preventive care anyone can undertake. Standard six month intervals appointments usually fine for most people. When an occasion arises when you need additional care due to a tooth ache, chipped tooth or some other unforeseen event, an additional appointment can be made to address the issue. Contact us today to set up your appointment.


Dental Cleaning

Brushing and flossing do more than protect your teeth from decay. They also prevent gum disease and  bad breath. Over time plaque builds up on your teeth in the hard to reach places and along the gum line. Regular dental cleanings removes this build up and prevents gum disease. Dental cleanings also help pinpoint trouble spots and take action agains such areas.


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